Sunday, April 4, 2010

Avery's First Easter

Here are some events of Avery's first Easter:

Good morning! She wore her Easter bunny outfit to bed last night :)
No morning is complete without the camera face...
Ready for church...complete with camera face (yes, we are still able to use the pack n play for getting ready and diaper changes downstairs....she has not figured out how easy it would be to escape!)
She looks so big in these next few shots.
Standing all by herself and looking so pretty on the way to church

The after-church outfit. Our little Easter egg in pastel. Please excuse her hair. She is in desperate need of a hair cut, but I have no idea what to do. I trimmed her bangs last night (again), and it looked quite funny this morning. I need to remember NOT to trim her hair on a Saturday night next time.
Going after her Easter "baskets" (notice the mullet that she is working on)
Doing what she loves best...poking something in the eye
She got a bubble wand. She just wanted to carry it around, unaware of what it actually was. She cared nothing about anything else that she got. All she wanted was to carry around and hold the bubble wand.
After taking away the bubble wand, she reluctantly looked at her other goodies. She got an Easter bunny sippy/straw cup! Doesn't she look excited?
She got a little baby doll from Nana! She loved it!

She also got some books, some other little animals, and some Easter eggs.