Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bubble Weather!

When I say "bubble weather" I not only mean weather that's warm enough to be outside and play with bubbles, but I also mean weather that's warm enough to wear my favorite outfits for Avery....bubbles! I am so thrilled that spring is here; although it seems like spring was skipped and that we are experiencing summer weather already (91 degrees when we left church this afternoon).

Here are some things that we've been up to lately:

Avery likes to play with keys now. Here she's saying, "KEYS!"
And here she's saying, "HI!"
One of her favorite things to do now is hide behind curtains. Sometimes she gets a little scared when she can't find her way back out....very humorous.
Attempting to crawl over her barricade.
Cheesey face.
She has recently figured out that socks and shoes go on her feet. On this particular occasion, she found one of her sandals, crawled over to me with it, and then started trying to put it on her foot.