Sunday, May 16, 2010


Avery is learning so much, and we think that she is quite smart. It is so fun to watch her little mind work and then to see her put her mind in action. Here are some examples of what she has learned thus far in her little life....

1. We were playing in the living room this morning, and when I turned on the tv, it was on Fox News. The guy who was being interviewed said "who knows." Avery stopped what she was doing, turned and looked at me, and then pointed to her nose, saying, "nuh, nuh." (her word/sound for nose) Oh the English language can be quite tricky with its homophones.

2. At Target, we got Avery a penguin from the dollar aisle. She was so excited and kept showing us her new prize, exclaiming, "duck, duck!" I guess they do look a little alike.

3. On the way home from Target, it was raining. She pointed out the window at the rain drops beaded up on the window saying, "bubble, bubble," the entire ride home. Again, I guess they do look alike.

Like I said, she has learned so much so quickly, and it is so much fun to just sit and watch her. I love that she is talking now, or at least interacting and understanding. She is growing up so quickly!