Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Oh, Mother's Day. How did I forget to post about this special day?? This year was not my first Mother's Day, but it sure felt like it. Last year Avery was just a couple weeks old. I am starting to forget what it was like when she was so tiny. I remember that it was the first week that I made it to church after her birth, and that's about it. It seems like ages ago but yet like it was just yesterday in the since that I now have a one year old---where did that year go?? So, so cliche, but like everyone told me, and like what I tell my friends who are expecting, time goes by too incredibly fast! I am so thankful that I am blogging---with the click of a button, I can look back and suddenly remember.

Mom and Avery on Mother's Day 2010
Silly girl...what a fun age and fun personality! She makes everyone laugh!
And, of course, a comparison. Mother's Day 2009. My little bitty baby with her harness.
And here's good ole Dad with Avery on Mother's Day. I mean, after all, without Dad, there would be no Mother's Day, right?? So why not celebrate him, too!? I ended up buying Matt an iPod for Mother's Day/our anniversary. I have to admit that part of the present was knowing that I wasn't going to have to hear about him wanting an iPod every time we passed them in the store, a commercial came on, or a friend was talking about one. :) Love you, Matt!

I had to include this picture because I think that she looks SO BIG in this picture. As if she's a small child and not a baby anymore.
And then here's Avery and Dad on Mother's Day 2009. My how fast the year flew by.