Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our new Commander

We took the plunge and bought a new (and BIG) car yesterday. We were sort of looking but not really. We had decided that if something looked like an amazing deal, that we would check it out. Well, the amazing deal came along a little earlier than we thought. So, we traded in Matt's older Jeep for a new, spiffy, shiny Jeep. We love this Jeep Commander. It is HUGE! We said that we were a car dealer's worst nightmare because we are done (that's the plan anyway) with car buying for at least 7 years (both of our cars are 2007's, and we don't want to think about getting or needing another car until they are both 10 years old). This car has everything and more. We are so excited and thankful that we stumbled across it. I took some pictures of it so that you could see our new car!

The front...
and the back...Aerial view. There's a sunroof for the driver/front passenger, and each passenger in the middle row gets his or her own sky light complete with sunshade to block out the noon-time sun. Pretty cool.
This is the key. See the button that looks like a circle? It starts the car. I can start the car while in WalMart and let it be cooling down while we're checking out. It only works if the car is locked so that no one can just steal the car, and if it runs for more than 10 minutes without anything happening, it shuts off. I also have a button that will open and shut the power liftgate/glass/door on the back of the car. And, the best part is that this key is MINE. It knows ME. When this key is used, everything in the car goes to MY settings...the radio, the a/c or heat, the seat position, the mirror position, and the pedals. Amazing.
This is looking in through the driver's door.
This is looking in through the driver's side back door into Avery's seat/row. I put down the seat closest to the camera as well as the third row seats.
This is looking from the back through to the front. I really like that each seat is individual, and we can lay them down in many different ways. Here the third row is completely down and one seat from the middle row is down.
This is what Avery gets to look at :)
This is what I see from my rear view mirror.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!