Saturday, July 31, 2010

Water Day at the Zoo

Our zoo has a water park. We have not ever utilized this feature until the other day when it was going to be 100 degrees. We loaded up and headed to the zoo, complete with swimsuits! Avery loves the water, but she had never experience water that shoots up from the ground. She was by far the youngest child playing in the water by at least 4-5 years, but that didn't stop her! She followed around the older kids and mimicked what they were doing. She learned to stand on the water, sit on the water, grab the water, and look for the sprinklers that are in the ground to wait for the water. She had so much fun chasing around the moving water!

Just beginning....getting used to it.
Getting the hang of it.
Not holding anything back!
She had so much fun!
Loving every second of it!