Sunday, January 2, 2011

Big Girl Bed!!

I apologize for the seemingly disinterest in blogging recently. We, like most of you all, have been very busy. We went out of town for Christmas, and when I'm at home and have some spare time, I've started nesting. But, I am going to do a post today because we've hit a milestone! Avery has moved out of her crib and is in a big girl bed! It's slightly temporary because the two girls will be sharing a room, and in my mind I have exactly how I want their room to look, but that can't happen until Little Bit #2 is about Avery's age. So for now, Avery's big girl bed is my old twin day bed from when I was little. We haven't bought bedding for it (mainly because I didn't think it would be such an easy transition!). Avery did get some monkey sheets for Christmas that she is using, and we had a spare blanket to throw on top of that. We didn't do the safety rail, but she uses her Pillow Pet (another Christmas present) as a "wall." She has been so good about the transition. We started doing sporadic naps here and there, and then this weekend we jumped in with both feet! She fusses a little more than usual when it's time to go to bed, but I think that's because she doesn't have toys or books in bed with her like she used to in her crib. She hasn't fallen out yet (knock on wood), and in fact, she hasn't even attempted to get out of the bed once she's tucked in (this is something that we're wondering if she'll figure out....that she could actually get out of the bed and play instead of going to sleep). So, we've had three successful nights and four successful naps...all in a row. I'm thinking this is a permanent transition. You can't really see her in the picture below, but here is Avery all tucked in and sound asleep in her big bed!
I promise I will do a Christmas post, but the amount of pictures that were taken is a little overwhelming. Whoever told me that I would start taking less pictures LIED. I think we took more this year!