Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas #2

On Christmas Eve eve, we packed up and headed north to Nashville to spend the remainder of the Christmas holiday with our families up there. On Christmas Eve morning, we spent the majority of the day with our Knierim family at Josh and Jenn's house. Avery has two cousins, Isabel and Will. Avery and Will are 5 months apart, so it's fun to watch them play together. It's also fun to watch the girls interact and form bonds. Somehow we didn't even attempt to get a picture of the three cousins this year...not sure it would have worked very well :)

Here's Avery opening one of her favorite toys, her brand new doll stroller!
Wait, they have a Magnadoodle, too??!! The new toys quickly became a nuisance once she realized that there was a Magnadoodle that needed to be played with.
This is one of my favorites because Avery definitely did not get the present part of Christmas. Who needs more presents/toys when you have a Magnadoodle (that belongs to her cousins) and a new stroller? This is Izzy and Will opening Avery's present for her. She had not a clue. Good news is that it was the Little People Nativity (which I was wanting!), so hopefully by next year, along with the many books she received, we can realize the difference between Jesus and Santa!