Sunday, January 23, 2011

Early Birthday Present

For those of you who know me and Matt well, this next posting may surprise you a bit. Avery's birthday is in April, and I bought her first official birthday present from a friend at work in December (not surprising yet, I know). But, what I purchased was a Power Wheels. It's a small purple Tinkerbell 4-wheeler. It doesn't go very fast, and it is very low to the ground. Also in this agreement was the fact that she would also receive a helmet for her birthday to go with the Power Wheels. Now, I bought it with the intention to hold on to it until April (when the weather is warm and it could be used outside). It stayed in our garage all of about 2 weeks before Matt brought it upstairs for her to "try." Since we have not purchased her helmet yet, she was forced to wear Matt's mountain biking helmet. Here are some pictures from her first time with the 4-wheeler.

Not sure about the case you can't tell by her face.
Sitting on the 4-wheeler for the first time.
So proud, but still not grasping the concept. Just sitting still for the time being....

This is her sheer excitement face when she learned what that little red button did :)
And here she is coming around the corner....of the couch.