Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ansley - 4 Months!

Sweet baby girl went for her 4 month check up today (a little early because our doctor is going on vacation). She did great--met all of her milestones and received 3 vaccinations. Here are her stats from her visit:
Weight: 13 pounds 4 ounces (down a bit since we've swapped formulas and she's not eating as much of the new kind); this places her in the 50th percentile
Length: 25 1/2 inches; this places her in the 90th percentile
Head Circ: 15 3/4 inches (we haven't gotten a percentile on this in a while...maybe they don't do that anymore?)
As compared to Avery, she's two inches longer and a pound heavier at the same point (technically minus a week because of the doctor's vacation).
She's talking...a lot! She's also a drooler which grosses me out...Avery was not a drooler. She's in size 2 diapers (Avery is currently only in size 3!!) and wears a solid 6 month in clothing. She has a great schedule, if I do say so myself! In the mornings she wakes up during the 8 o'clock hour, naps at 10am, naps at 1pm, naps at 5pm, and we start getting ready for bed around 8pm (bath, bottle, etc) and she's in bed by 9pm. She is consistently waking up once each night for a feeding (between 3am and 4am), takes her bottle and lays right back down. We are all enjoying her sleeping in until a little past 8 (or 8:45 like this morning!)! Avery knows that we don't start the morning until Ansley wakes up, so Avery tries to quietly play in her room until she hears Ansley wake up...she's adjusting quite nicely! She is easy going, like Avery was, and I can take her anywhere even during a naptime--she'll sleep anywhere as long as she's got her lovey!
Gotta love that crazy hair....
...and sweet smile!