Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th

Our first Independence Day celebration was actually on July 2 here in the little town of Alabaster. I work on Saturday nights, so I helped get the girls ready, and I headed to work, and Matt took them to see the fireworks all by himself! They both did great, and Avery really enjoyed it! Below is a picture of them in their patriotic attire, ready to go see some fireworks (that started 2 hours past bedtime!)....
And just because I'm using this blog as a memory book and want to be able to bring this picture out whenever I might need it :)

On Monday night (Independence Day proper), we headed into Birmingham and went to our traditional spot to watch the firework display called Thunder on the Mountain. We go to Homewood Park with our camping chairs and have a great time. It had just finished raining, so it was very wet and actually a little chilly for July; not near as many people at the park as in years past. We all had a great time. Again, 2 hours past bedtime.

This picture really captures Avery's sheer excitement...

A group shot of the girls. Ansley laid back against me and watched the fireworks so calm and intrigued. Both fell asleep in the car on the way home.

View of the fireworks from our spot. We figured we were probably about 2 miles from where they were being shot off, as the crow flies. Some of the noise and all of the beauty.

Happy 4th of July!!