Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ansley Lately...

I realized that I hadn't posted any pictures of Ansley in a while...mainly because our internet is in and out here lately. So, I snapped a few today while she was playing on her playmat. They actually capture her quite nicely.

Here she is smiling but with her hand in her mouth. She's a drooler, and she's becoming a thumb-sucker, so her hands are usually near her face. Check out her hair puff!
Smiling with her tongue sticking out. She's quite vocal these days, and is constantly learning new ways to use her tongue to make different noises. Very entertaining!

This is her serious face which is a rarity these days. She is actually more laid back and more pleasant than Avery was, despite a rough beginning. I have to admit that Matt and I were both very worried about our quality of life with this little one early on, but she has turned out to be quite the little joy!

And this is her pleasant face. This is what you get most of the time while she's playing with inanimate objects. Sweet blue eyes. We just love her to pieces!