Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Avery Lately....

Avery is turning in to quite the handful lately! She's got such a funny little personality. She used to have such good manners *sigh* but we're working on getting those back on board. She's quite funny and repeats everything and wants to know what everything means. She's very nosey and is always trying to figure things out. She's a good helper most of the time. We've started working on potty training, but we're not going to start that fulltime until after our beach trip in two weeks. She's very quirky and particular and has the memory of an elephant. She's fun and energetic. She's got a contagious laugh. And, she's 2....everything about her lately says that she's 2. Right now, she's got a fascination with pirates for some reason. Here she is with her "pirate hat" on saying "Rrrrrr!"
Here she is saying "cheese" during her picture. This morning we went to the Birmingham Children's Theater and saw Jack and the Beanstalk. It was really cute, and she enjoyed it quite a bit. Recently we've been doing many "big girl treats" like going to plays or to the movies. She does really quite well. We're starting to have trouble listening to grown-ups, but I'm hoping it's a phase of being 2!

She's really excited about our upcoming beach trip. She's been swimming in the pool all summer, and can "swim all by herself" with the assistance of her floaties. Without the floaties, she sinks like a rock but continues kicking---she thinks that it's hilarious and that she's really swimming. She is so brave in the water that it scares me! We can't wait for this end-of-the-summer vacation! Last year she was not a fan of the actual ocean/beach, so we spent most of our time by the pool (fine by me---I'm not a fan of sand!). We'll see if this year is any different.