Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy 5 Months, Ansley!

Our little Ansley is 5 months old today! She's such a big girl...literally :) She's getting so close to sitting on her own. She's had some battles with allergies, so she's on one of those "fancy" formulas which means expensive. To try and decrease the amount spent on formula, I've already begun introducing her to some baby foods. However, she'd eat the baby food and then take the same amount of bottle! NOT the plan that I was looking for :) She is such a pleasant and easy going baby. I take her everywhere with me, and she's hardly fussy. Her nickname has been "Critter" which is so appropriate now that she's becoming vocal...very vocal! She's quite loud with her cooing and talking. She's also like clock-work as far as her schedule goes. Her first morning nap is at 10am, then her afternoon nap is at 1pm, and her evening nap is at 5pm. About 5 minutes before either of those times, she starts rubbing her eyes and dozing off. She eats every 3 hours (still!) but she only takes 4 ounces at each feeding; trying to get her to take more at one feeding so she can go longer between feedings, but it's not quite working out. For the most part she still wakes up once each night (usually between 3am and 4am), takes a bottle, and goes right back to sleep. She loves her lovey and likes her paci. She smiles all the time, but it's a little harder to get her to laugh. Her sister is a pro at getting her to belly-laugh. She weighs about 16 1/2 pounds right now (Avery weighed 15 pounds, 3 ounces at 6 months). They still don't really look alike. And, we're not sure if we're just getting used to the way that she looks, but we think that Ansley is looking more like us now than she has in the past.
Smiling at Daddy. She's distracted very easily these days.

Her hair cannot be tamed. Looks either like a toupee or a comb-over depending on the day.