Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween festivities actually started one week ago at Avery's dance class. Last Monday night, the dancers wore their Halloween costumes to dance class. They had dance class for the first half of class and then a Halloween party for the second part of class. Here's Avery (the pirate) with her little dance buddies (minus at least one little girl)...
And here's Ansley (the pirate's parrot) at dance class last week...

Here are the girls about to head out to go Trick or Treating tonight (actual Halloween night). Avery is checking out her self-made treasure map to find out where to go first. Ansley stayed in the wagon (aka: pirate ship) the entire time and had a blast!

Avery did very well this year (our first real outing that wasn't Trunk or Treat at church). Matt and I were very surprised. She walked most of it, but rode in the wagon when there were stretches of houses with front porch lights not turned on. She said "trick or treat" for the most part, but sometimes said it as she was knocking or ringing the doorbell and then was confused if I asked her to say it again. I also think that this was the first year that everyone knew exactly what she was (the first Halloween she was a duck, the second year she was a giraffe), so I was very excited about that! And, if I do say so myself, she was a very cute pirate! She played the role quite well using "pirate language" at telling a group of older children, "it's Halloween, me hardies!" She did not get scared at all, even when houses were designed to be scary or older kiddos were dressed up in scary costumes. She would just say, "that's spooky because it's Halloween" and then laugh.

And here's one last picture when we were back at home before the costumes came off. Avery had not dug into her candy yet, so we bribed her with the candy to stay still and sit near Ansley for a picture :) We let her pick out three pieces of candy to eat tonight, and she picked out a pack of fruit snacks, a snickers, and a dum-dum lollipop. The rest is stored in her pirate treasure chest....except the skittles---Matt ate all of those :)

All in all, we took 115 pictures, so there are many, many more. But, I spared you all and tried to find the ones that seemed to capture the moments. Hope you enjoyed Halloween with your families! Happy Halloween from the Knierim Family!