Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch #2

Ok, I apologize for the terrible pictures that are about to follow. We realized as we were leaving the pumpkin patch (the real one) that we had missed many opportunities for photo ops. The main photo op would have been the hay ride down to the actual pumpkin patch which wound through a spooky forest....didn't even have the camera with us because I left it in the bottom of the stroller which was parked at the little drop off point of the hay ride. Awesome. We did have a great day. We went after lunch in the late afternoon/evening time. There were very few people there (from previous experience, it seems that maybe most people go in the morning). And, instead of it being cool in the morning and then sweltering in a few hours, it was warm when we got there and then a very comfortable cool when we left. We will have to remember this timeframe for the next few years to come!

Also, the following TWO pictures are the only pictures that we have of Ansley. She's in her stroller and in front of an Indian tee pee (apparently she's at least 1/32 from Matt's side). When you see the pictures of Avery later on, that the exact outfit that Ansley has on (since you won't be able to tell from the pictures of Ansley).

Love the little smirk on Avery's face....she's very excited about getting to ride the "Twactor Train." You'll notice that in the background are all of the inflatables. She wanted to go down the big slides but never mustered up the courage to do it. She did spend a lot of time in the bouncy houses though.

Definitely a highlight for Avery was the adult-dressed-like-a-dog who was at the Humane Society's fundraising booth. He gave her a sucker and a necklace. She also got to "play Wheel of Fortune" and won a coupon for a free Cherry Limeade!! Avery called it Wheel of Fortune, but it was really just a wheel thing that you spin to see what prize you've won after making a donation to the Humane Society.

So, this is the only picture of Avery with pumpkins that's in color. She enjoyed playing in the "scratchy grass" and trying to pick up all of the pumpkins.