Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matt (Part 3)

For a while now, whenever you ask Avery what she wanted to do with her daddy for his birthday, she would say "play golf with him." Not sure why or where it came from, but I went with it. So, today, we headed out and played a round of putt-putt for Matt's birthday after lunch. It was a huge success. She had a great time...for about the first 8 holes; then she became more interested in the landscape and ducks and such. It was our coolest day and the wind was a bit much at times, but we had a great time. Ansley stayed in the stroller while I took pictures and enjoyed the scenery.

Avery had quite a few different stroke types...all equally hilarious. Let's just say, we clearly have a budding golf pro on our hands...look out LPGA!

Quite the backswing, huh?
Using her hands to roll the ball into the cup...who needs a club?

Matt and Avery watching to see where their balls would end up....hole in one?

She also used the club to funnel the ball into the hole. Very good ingenuity.Sweet picture of daddy and daughter taking a break from putt-putt to pose for a picture

She was confused about the last hole when it eats your ball. She kept pointing in the hole and saying, "it fell down there!" She was very concerned about the ball's well-being.

Inside at the arcade area. She found a honey bee game where you earn points by stepping on the honey bees when they light up.

Playing "whack-a-mole" with daddy (only it's a Batman game)

Happy Birthday, Matt! Hope you enjoyed playing golf with Avery...I know she did! We love you so much! Here's to another great year!