Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Matt's birthday was yesterday, and we celebrated some last night, and we will continue the celebration today. Here are some pictures of Avery enjoying the decorations and festivities...

She LOVED all of the balloons. She was very patient while I was blowing them up. She helped put them all in the kitchen. And, she waited until her daddy got home before she ran and jumped in them. She thought they were great...actually, she kept saying that they were "marvelous"! There were 36 balloons total, and I was quite proud of her being able to wait and be patient to play with them until Matt got home.
We made a door out of streamers. Again, I was very proud of her because she didn't pull on it or tear it up before he got home. In fact, it is still intact downstairs right now!

Nana brought over some noise makers, and she thought they were wonderful, too!

Caught her quite a few times sneaking sprinkles and icing chunks off of the cake :)

This sprinkle cake seriously had so many sprinkles! She was amazed by it!

Happy Birthday, Matt! We love you!

More posts to come....