Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Callaway Gardens

I just upgraded our blog stuff, and this is the first time using it, so please look the other way at mistakes!

We went to Callaway Gardens in Georgia last week to stay the night and see their Fantasy in Lights.  Huge success.  The Fantasy in Lights involved riding a Christmas trolley through the park that was decorated in all kinds of lights.  Both girls loved it and wanted more when the one-hour ride was over!  Of course, we took no pictures that night, but it was perfect.  Our ride started right at sunset, so we got to watch God's light show first.  The weather was perfect, a little unseasonably warm actually.  And, if you want pictures, maybe you could find out who the people were who sat behind us; they took pictures of every light bulb, I believe--full flash photography (I was more blinded by their flash than the bright lights of the exhibit).

One of our goals while at Callaway was to try and get some sort of Christmas card picture.  I had literally taken over 600 pictures since Thanksgiving in various Christmas outfits and only had one that was a possibility.  Needless to say, I was OVER getting a Christmas card picture.  The issue is no longer getting them to sit together, it's getting them to look at the camera at the same time while looking somewhat pleasant.  See example below....
(And yes, it did cross my mind to just use this picture and say something about being naughty)

Another big hit was the butterfly exhibit.  On that particular day, the butterfly count was 4000!!  Avery and Ansley enjoyed seeing them all fly around and play hide and seek.  Outside they had one of these....
(One of Avery's highlights from the trip)

We tried to get a picture of the two girls together in it....this was the best we could do...

 And then it happened....a Christmas card photo op.  No Christmas clothes, no bows, no brushed hair, no Christmas backdrop, dirty mouths, sweaty hair, etc.  But we got one, or at least a version of this is what ended up representing the Knierim family this Holiday Season (see the current picture at the top of our blog).
After taking a "hike" as Avery called it (probably about 1/2 mile), the girls agreed to pose with Mommy for a picture.
Sweet Avery....Daddy trying to get fancy with the black and white :)
 An early attempt for a picture, but pine needles are just too much fun to even think about looking at the camera or not throwing them or eating them....
Sweet Ansley...always so content