Friday, December 30, 2011

CHRISTmas Overview

We have had a great Christmas this year!  Despite Lauren having to work over the Christmas weekend, we have enjoyed our time during this Christmas season.  I think that one of the main reasons why this Christmas was so special was because Avery seemed to understand a little bit more about the "reason for the season" this year.  She knew it was Jesus' birthday, and would tell us that "Santa brings presents, but Jesus bring eternal life."  It was also Ansley's first Christmas, and we have been fortunate to have children in the spring so that they are at what we consider the "fun age" at Christmas (although we don't know any different).  Our Christmas schedule changed a bit this year, and we did not make the trip up to Nashville.  Instead, my family came down and stayed with us at our house.  It was so nice having family here during the holidays...we could just wake up, and they were already here; we could stay in our pjs all day and never had to get in the car.  We missed our Nashville cousins, but we are looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks!  Another holiday schedule change had to do with Lauren working over the holiday weekend...Santa visited our house on Friday night (a night early).  Our Nana came over Friday night, and we exchanged gifts with her.  Santa came Friday night, so Saturday morning was full of opening presents.  Lauren worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and then our Nashville family came in town and stayed with us through Thursday.

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"
Ansley received her two front (bottom) teeth (finally visible in pictures...if you squint) just before Christmas arrived.
 We went to the Zoo Light Safari Friday night...another holiday tradition in our family.  After the zoo, Avery wanted to eat at Tazikis---nothing says Merry Christmas like Greek food :)
 So proud of herself after just putting out the milk and cookies for Santa.
 Saturday morning after Santa had come...first look at all of the presents.  By the way, I absolutely LOVED their matching Christmas morning pjs this year!  Also, we Santa had divided the presents into a side for Avery and a side for Ansley (big girl presents and little girl presents).  Ansley's side was on the right side of the picture and Avery's side was on the left.  I think that Avery played with Ansley's "baby" toys for hours before even starting to play with her own.  One of the many funny moments on our Christmas morning was Avery coming downstairs, just staring at all of the toys, and then exclaiming, "Hey!  That puppy dog (talking about the Laugh and Learn Puppy in between A&A in the picture) is from Target!"  We are Santa is going to have to be more discrete about shopping next year!
 Certainly a highlight of this Christmas was Avery receiving Woody and Buzz from Toy Story (a movie trilogy that she has been obsessed with for the past little bit).  She's sitting on a green blow-up dinosaur from my aunt to Ansley that she decided was Rex from the movies.  We also have Mr Potato Head, a regular slinky that she thinks is Slink from the movie, a small Little People pig that she calls Hamm from the movie, a baby rocking horse that she calls Bullseye from the movie, and I'm sure there are other characters that she plays with that I'm unaware of.  Woody and Buzz have now joined the ranks of Lovey in the bedtime line-up.
 Ansley got this little bee from Gigi and Skip, and she loves it.  She likes to sit in it, she likes to push herself backwards in it, and she likes to use it as a walking toy (although it moves pretty fast and sometimes she ends up doing the splits).  It is the compliment to Avery's Cozy Coupe.  This summer is going to be so much fun when we can move this party to the driveway!
 Another toy that Avery is obsessed with is this kid-friendly digital camera that she got from my grandmother.  She has been taking pictures of everything...luckily it holds 2000 pictures!  Please notice the Toy Story rug that she is sitting on...another present to feed to Toy Story obsession this year!  Thanks, Gigi and Skip!
We hope that all of you had a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends.  We are truly blessed beyond measure and are overwhelmed, especially this time of year, with gratitude and joy.