Monday, December 5, 2011

Good Morning, Sisters!

The girls stayed in Nashville with my parents for the week following Thanksgiving, and I picked them up on Friday. I had big hopes and plans of attempting to get some Christmas cards photos the following morning before going to work, but we spent it being lazy in our pajamas instead. Here are some pictures to enjoy....

Oh, and another reason why we postponed the photo shoot is because Avery ran full speed and crashed into the corner of our piano bench Friday night right before bed, and it left this on her poor little face (can you tell it's swollen?)...

Then we thought it would be fun to put the girls on the little church pew and try to snap a few pictures of the two of them together (expectations not set high since I haven't gotten a picture of them "together" before). There was mainly a bunch of talking to each other rather than looking at the camera as well as paci swapping and playing with loveys. But, the fact that there wasn't screaming or crying, I was overall pleased.

Then we started playing a game. I would ask Avery, "can you put your ear on Ansley's ear?" or "can you put your cheek on Ansley's cheek?" It worked very well as you can see below. Of course, Avery has that shiner on her cheek and both have pacis in their mouths and Avery is doing something weird with her lip, but this is the "first" picture that I have gotten of the two of them together....woohoo!!!