Tuesday, November 29, 2011

While the Kids Are Away....

....the elves will decorate!

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons, but one of those reasons is definitely the decorating! I love pulling out my totes year after year and seeing old decorations full of memories and new decorations that are like a new present! The girls stayed with my parents for the week after Thanksgiving, so I have gotten to decorate without worry! The plan was to have the girls come home to a fully decorated house, and so far so good! Below are a few pictures of our winter wonderland in progress. Enjoy!

The fireplace...complete with a stand next to it for cookies for Santa (this is our first year to do Santa!). I love the hanging ornaments--you will be able to tell as most of the rooms in our house have ornaments hanging.
Another wall in our living room. The big star in the middle will probably go away for the Christmas season...he's a normal decoration in the room, and I think that the Christmas stuff is starting to take over! See, more ornaments :)

Dining room chandelier with my Snowbabies hanging from it. Still working on the dining room table and the buffet/sideboard.

Christmas explosion in the kitchen...

And, thank you, Pinterest! Another great Christmas DIY decoration featured on our front porch! I love our wreath snowman! He goes so well with the window wreaths.

Just another view

I love Christmas decorations! The only thing that I don't like about Christmas decorations is their short lived life. I wish they could stay up longer!