Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is in the Air!

 So that means that Avery's dance recital is right around the corner!

But first, dance class picture time! (In my mind, what a potential nightmare!!)

One Saturday, all of Avery's dance class gals got together for the annual pictures which feature the girls in their dance costumes.  Prior to the actual professional photography sessions, I snapped a few of Avery and her buddies in their costumes.  Unfortunately Avery and her friends were way too excited to stand still or focus for a picture, so below are the best ones that I got, minus our buddies.

These days, when taking a picture of Avery you usually get one of two faces...

(overly excited and crazy)

Or #2:
(overly bored and forced)

She can also throw in a curve ball with this face....scared.  Like she doesn't even know who you are.
Can't wait to see the professional pictures of the girls and their pretty little pink ballerina costumes....or the pictures from the recital in May at the BJCC!!!