Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We went up to Nashville this year for Easter (well, the few days before Easter since I work on the weekends).  The weather was great during the day but still a little chilly at night.  On Good Friday, we went to my aunt's house for an Easter egg hunt, and the girls had a blast!  They actually enjoyed playing with the older (like high school aged) boys who were playing football in the backyard rather than the girls or even the kiddos closer to their age.  They wore cute little matching outfits with Easter chicks smocked on the shirts (had to mention this because they outfits were bought two years apart from each other at different consignment sales...yea, me!).  They were too cute!  Tried to get a picture of them at my parents' house before heading to the egg hunt, but they were way too excited to even begin to cooperate, so this is the best that I could get!