Thursday, November 29, 2012

Avery Starts Gynmastics, Ansley Turns 18 months!

At the beginning of September, Avery started gymnastics---thanks to the 2012 Summer Olympics!  She currently takes from a gym called Legacy Gymnastics which is a legit gymnastics training center (more legit than we realized!).  Because of gym rules, no flash photography is allowed since multiple classes are going on at the same time including the older kiddos who actually compete at a high level; no flash=blurry photos.  Also, these were taken from a balcony/bleacher area that overlooks the gym which is where parents stay and watch.  Avery is wearing a little outfit that is black shorts on the bottom and pink sleeveless on the top and holding a red circle (far left of the first picture, line leader in the second).  She loves it, especially the 30ft long trampoline!  She is actually really good at the uneven bars but she doesn't care for them because they scare her.  Oh well.

Also at the beginning of September, Ansley turned 18 months old!  CANNOT BELIEVE IT!  She is so full of life and so full of herself.  She is daring, caring, and funny (and she knows it!).  She is a big hit at the stores because she can be sweet and cheesy when she wants to :)
She had her 18month check up, and she is doing great!  30% in height, barely 10% in weight.  Numbers are deceiving, though, because this child eats all the time....sometimes I feel like I'm feeding a teenage boy!