Monday, April 18, 2011

Someone's Turning 2!!

My little girl is growing up! Avery will turn 2 on April 21 (Thursday). I have NO idea where the time has gone. I look at these pictures, and she is a child now....not a baby or an infant. She doesn't even look like a toddler any longer! She sure doesn't act like it either. She's so big and so mature for her age (I may be biased!). She is such a compassionate, caring little girl, but she's also got a streak of tom-boy, dare-devil in her. She's a joy to be around, and I can't get enough of her. She has a sweet little personality and has developed a funny little sense of humor. She's so smart and witty.

We haven't been to the doctor for an official check up, but we know she's quite a bit taller. Check out what happened when we put on her pjs tonight....think that we need to move up a size?!?

We had a birthday party for her this past weekend. With her birthday being so close to Easter, we celebrated with an Easter egg hunt, and we had so much fun! We had the party at her Nana's house. We had it all set up and ready before Avery arrived. When she got there and saw everything, she literally ran around laughing and saying "Oh my!" for at least 15 minutes...with the sheer joy in her little face, I knew that no matter how the day panned out, it was going to be perfect! (I was a little worried because it was cool, windy, and we had had major storms the day/night before)

Doesn't she look so old??? Please notice the 50 cent (price, not rapper-inspired) necklaces that she insisted on wearing :)

This is what she did all morning long as she screeched with excitement...precious!

Again, she looks so old!

Saying "cheese"
Found some Easter eggs! There were 500 stuffed Easter eggs scattered around the was so pretty!