Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sprinkler time!

It has been HOT here recently! Before our pool opened, we needed to escape the heat, so we brought out the sprinkler. The photo above shows you just how interested Avery was in playing in the sprinkler. Please notice how far away she's standing. It was actually hard to get her and the sprinkler in the frame together.

Then she thought it might be ok to get a little closer. But she still had such a serious look on her face...see below.

Then Daddy helped out. She thought it was fun for him to make her fly through the sprinkler. Soon she began to play in it by herself.

Toward the end, she thought it was lots of fun. So much fun, in fact, that she started running really fast, tripped, fell, and skinned up her knees, tops of her feet, hands, and upper lip. Needless to say, our sprinkler time was over, and we have not ventured near it again. At least it was fun while it lasted!